Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing New Office Fitouts

You can easily stretch your budget to its max when choosing new office fitouts, but you don't want price alone to be the determining factor of the fitouts you choose. Your staff needs to be comfortable and able to concentrate on their jobs when in the office, and those fitouts can greatly contribute to their overall work performance in a number of ways. Note a few features you don't want to overlook when choosing commercial fitouts so you know they'll help with employee performance and comfort.

1. Sound insulation

Being distracted by other conversations can greatly affect worker performance, so you don't want to overlook sound insulation and absorption with your commercial fitouts. Note if the glass you use to create conference rooms has an insulating factor; thin glass may allow sound to simply carry right through. Consider too if the fabric on partitions absorbs sound or if the mesh is too loose to work as an actual sound barrier.

2. Privacy

Workers should have privacy when speaking on the phone to customers, and privacy also cuts down on distractions. Partitions should be tall enough that workers are not distracted every time a coworker stands up or if a coworker prefers a standing desk versus sitting at their desk every day. For glass walls and partitions, look for built-in roller shades and blinds or curtain rods that can be used to close blinds when and where necessary.

3. Modification

Partitions often have brackets that are used for mounting desktops, but you should choose those that allow you to adjust the height of the desktop according to each employee; an employee who needs to hunch, stretch, or reach all day can be distracted by this discomfort. You might also want to ensure that the brackets hold various types of accessories; some employees may need overhead compartments to hold binders and books; whereas, others may need a larger desk space for their scanner, printer, and other equipment. Be sure your fitouts allow for modifications and are as flexible as possible.

4. Personal storage

Few things look more unprofessional than an employee's coat, handbag, and sweater hanging over the back of their chair, while their outside boots sit in a corner of their cubicle. However, employees may not be comfortable hanging these items up in a faraway closet, out of their sight, and may be distracted because of worrying about them. Look for fitouts that provide some space for personal storage; these can be lockers or separate cabinets with hooks for coats and shelves for outdoor shoes, handbags, snacks, and other such items.